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Friday, June 18, 2021

I Think You’re On Mute: Taking Fashion Inspiration From Zoom Meetings With Zanna Roberts Rassi

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From a shift toward muted colors to continuing to dress waist up, Zoom is having a lasting impact on our closets. Shoppers are seeking simplicity with grays, chocolates, oatmeal and more neutral colors trending with accessories from the waist-up (i.e. necklaces, headbands, etc.) on the rise.

To speak more on the biggest trends that are zooming (pun very much intended) into style, I reached out to fashion expert and Afterpay ambassador Zanna Roberts Rassi to share more on how Zoom is having a profound effect on how we dress.

“Zoom has had an extraordinary impact on our closets over the past year,” explains Rassi. “Afterpay has found that shoppers are maintaining their comfortable work from home purchasing patterns.”

What is Rassi on the lookout when shopping for new pieces to rock while working fro home? “Comfortable silhouettes in fun colors with special details. I’m ALL for MUTING your line, NOT your style!”

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Here’s a few key trends on the rise, according to Rassi:

Bold Accessories

We have little style ‘real estate’ to make maximum impact on Zoom. For that reason, go bold with a statement making accessory, such as fun earrings, an attention-grabbing headband, cool necklace, etc. Bringing in a conversation piece to the meeting helps with those awkward Zoom silences and adds instant personality and style to a look without much effort!

Shop Bold Accessories:

Hybrid Dressing

“Business on the top, comfort on the bottom” has become a real thing thanks to Zoom! (I have definitely interviewed Rihanna on Zoom wearing a fancy top with sweats!) The juxtaposition of dressed up and casual pieces is actually cool and will live on. Perhaps in real life, consider switching it up—business on the bottom and casual on top! Or try a cozy one piece; that always looks chic. 

A few great ways to nail both comfort and style: 

Bright Colors

Wearing a bright, uplifting color not only transcends on your Zoom call camera (there’s a reason we TV hosts wear bright on camera) but it also signals optimism. Not only that, but wearing bright colors also elevates yours and others’ moods. The bright, bold color trend is moving into real life…I’m calling it Wearable Optimism!

Shop Bright Colors:

Shoulder Details

We all realized that we can do better than a T-Shirt on Zoom. Enter: fun necklines and interesting shoulder details that draw attention up, add structure, and create interest, elevating your look instantly. This works on camera and in the real world. We are not seeing the end of puffed shoulders, padded shoulders, asymmetrical cutouts anytime soon…anything goes!

Shop Shoulder Details:

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